As an ambassador for cleaner skies and carbon neutrality, GSE, in Partnership with JDM software have co-developed a new platform to track, log and calculate the carbon emissions produced by airlines and operators. This software application assists and enables the offset of emissions through carbon credits, and also creates the opportunity to give back and support the development of renewal and sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

GSE Aviaiton and JDM Software have Beta tested this algorithm during 2022 on the Alliance Jet fleet of 7 totalling 2,821 flight hours, 1,102,675 miles generating 21,123 tones GHG/CO2 Emissions equaling to 23,274 carbon credits and with our sister company GSE Energies we are now in a position to offer these aircraft operators and others to become 100% carbon neutral in relation to their fuel consumption. GSE Energies is focusing on SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) research and development.



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