Asset Management

GSE Aviation provides a full range of aircraft asset management services from pre-purchase through lease management to end-of-life disposition planning.

These services are available as standalone projects or as total service packages, tailored to suit your needs.

  • Commercial Services
  • Aircraft Disposition Services
  • Technical Services

Asset Management Lease Redelivery Services:

  • Pre-Delivery Services
  • Physical Inspection
  • AOC hosting
  • Transition Services
  • Remote Technical Advice Services
  • AOG Monitoring Services
  • Lease Management Services

Asset Management Lease Selection and appointment of:

  • services providers
  • Lease Administration
  • Accounting Services
  • Reporting
  • Restructuring Advisory Services

GSE Aviation offer our clients & partners the complete suite of services from acquisition or lease structure, finance, aircraft registration to importation. Through our team of specialist aviation lease and finance experts we can offer a variety of sustainable options to help lower the carbon footprint of the aviation industry as a whole.

Latest Aircraft Delivery

The GSE Aviation team negotiated and coordinated the lease structure of a 737- 800 between Aergo Capital and Alliance Aviation Group. Coordinating the return to service out from a store and care program to the importation into the Malta flag, GSE Aviation accepted the aircraft on behalf of Alliance in February 2022. The aircraft is now currently operating on Alliance AOC. This 189y 737-800, YOM 2013 is currently available for charter by Alliance Jet.